Jeffrey's Journey

We would like to take a moment to commemorate the hard work and dedication of our president, Jeffrey Crawford.  In just over 2 years he went from day one at a new company to president.   His promotion was no surprise to us as we knew pretty early on in his career he was going to work hard, have a great student mentality in the management training program, and the tenacity and reliability to get the job done.  If you are wondering how he moved up so quickly here is his story.

It starts on May, 19 2014 in Perrysburg, OH.  Jeffrey was a recent graduate of Bowling Green State University and looking to start a career.  From day one he had the intensity and constant desire to learn and compete.   Because the company is merit based with no seniority he was able to pass up those who had been there longer than him and, less that two months later, he had proven himself as a top leader in the company and earned a trip to a conference in Miami, FL.

That August he chose to further his career and move with an expansion team to open a new office in Columbus, OH.  After just a few months in the new city Jeffrey was at it again, passing people up and proving himself!  He won a contest ran by his client, AT&T, because he was a top account manager showing consistency and high quality results! The Prize?  An all expenses paid trip to Puerto Rico for him and a guest proving again that hard work pays off! (Did we mention our clients are awesome!?!)

Over the next year Jeffrey had an excellent student mentality, taking every opportunity given to him to travel and learn from industry leaders, he put in extra work, always gave that extra effort, and time and time again proved himself as a top leader in the company and someone to watch.  One year after moving to Columbus, Jeffrey was promoted to Assistant Manager.

What does it take to become the president of the company, running the new Cleveland office in two years?  Just ask Jeffrey.  It takes a competitive edge, hard work, constant learning, consistent results, reliability and tenacity.  A sense of humor and enjoying the ride along the way don't hurt either! Advice to have the same career path?  No one has the same experience but you have to roll with the punches and keep moving forward.  

"Keep your eye on your goals and don't let anything stand in your way." -Jeffrey Crawford, President Leomhann Enterprises Inc

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  1. Congratulations, son. I always knew you were special and would succeeded at everything in life.

    Very proud of you, Mom.


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